About Us

PEMEX FZE is the distribution of European International Holding Co (LTP) registered in United KingdoM.

With its headquarters in the United Kingdom, PEMEX FZE has a range of companies that served cross-section of industries not only in the Gulf region but also globally

PEMEX business activity covers everything in terms of Petrochemical trading, master planning and distribution of different types of petrochemical product produced across the world.


To be at the heart of your life!

We constantly aspire to have a positive impact at every stage of people’s lives. By that we mean all people connected to us in any possible way: employees, customers, suppliers, partners, communities & society.

Pemex will therefore invest in and develop businesses that have a noticeable presence in, and a positive impact on as many people as possible.

Going digital to make our customers’ lives easier. Creating a flexible, responsible and connected workplace for employees. Working hard to minimize the environmental impact of our materials. Being engaged towards the communities we’re active in.


We commit to investing in our diversified businesses and the partners we work with – we look at long term when developing the business, not short-term win. We acknowledge that increasing employee diversity is crucial for our future and that we are not there yet, our commitment is to be transparent on the initiatives.

We reassure continuous investments in respect for ethnicity, gender balance, and supporting different generations. We won’t judge colleagues and partners by what they look like, where they come from or what they believe in. Instead, we envision each colleague enriching the PEMEX family and contributing to the diverse community that we represent.

We want to fulfill our mission with and through our people, by providing our people every day with a context in which they can learn, feel good and grow.